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Are you a young aspiring dancer/choreographer ?

The registrations for the February workshop are closed.

Are you a young aspiring dancer/choreographer? P.A.R.T.S. organizes a number of activities to get familiar with the school and the program, as a first step in the preparation of the next round of auditions, which will take place in Winter/Spring 2025.

During the winter of 2024, you can actively take part in two workshops with a variety of classes: contemporary dance classes, composition, yoga, repertoire, theory etc.
The program of the workshops focuses mainly on candidates for the Bachelor Training program (but remains interesting for candidates for the Master program STUDIOS to learn about the school context as well).

For the WINTER WORKSHOPS you have to be minimum 16 and maximum 25 years old. There are no specific requirements for the type, volume and duration of previous dance training you have had, but the workshop is aimed at people who are considering applying for a full-time professional dance and choreography training in 2025. If this is not your ambition, we would like to refer you to our SummerSchool, which includes dance classes and workshops for participants ranging from beginners to professionals.The Winter Workshops also include an information session about PARTS and its programs.
Capacities are limited, so it is mandatory to register.


Wed-Fri January 3-5, 2024 - Fee €150 - Max. 50 participants (2 groups)
Sat-Sun February 17-18, 2024 - Fee €100 - Max. 50 participants (2 groups)


For the WINTER WORKSHOPS you have to be minimum 16 and maximum 25 years old.
You have to register through an online registration form. We can only confirm your reservation after we have received the fee for the workshop.
Cancellations can not be reimbursed.

Registration for the Winter Workshop of Wed-Fri January 3-5, 2024:
Registration is closed

Registration for the Winter Workshop Sat-Sun February 17-18, 2024:
Registration is closed

Participants bring their own lunch.

Questions: mail us at


PROGRAM 1. Wed-Fri January 3-5, 2024:

Wednesday 3/01, from 9:45 until 17:15
9:00 - 9:45: registration group A and B
9:45-11:15: ballet with Libby Farr (group A) OR theater workshop with Mokhallad Rasem (group B)
11:30 -13:00: contemporary with Gabriel Schenker (group A) OR theater workshop with Mokhallad Rasem (group B)
13:00-14:00: lunch
14:00-15:30: theater workshop with Eva Schram (group A) OR ballet with Libby Farr (group B)
15:45 - 17:15 theater workshop with Eva Schram (group A) OR contemporary with Gabriel Schenker (group B)

Thursday 4/01, from 9:45 until 18:15
9:45-11:15: ballet with Libby Farr (group A) OR repertoire workshop with Laura Maria Poletti (group B)
11:30 -13:00 contemporary with Laura Aris (group A) OR repertoire workshop with Laura Maria Poletti (group B)
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:30: creative practice/impro workshop with Thomas Vantuycom (group A) OR ballet with Libby Farr (group B)
15:45 - 17:15 creative practice/impro workshop with Thomas Vantuycom (group A) OR contemporary with Gabriel Schenker (group B)
17:30-18:15 info session about PARTS with Steven De Belder, coordinator

Friday 5/01, from 9:45 until 17:15:

9:45-10:45: Pilates with Chloé Chignell (group A) or music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme (group B)
11:00 -13:00: contemporary with Laura Aris (group A) or music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme (group B)
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-15:00: music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme (group A) or Pilates with Chloé Chignell (group B)/02,
15:15 - 17:15: music analysis with Mattijs Van Damme (group A) or contemporary with Laura Aris (group B)


Libby Farr
- Ballet for Contemporary Dancers

The ballet class is set up for the dancer to observe and reevaluate their body in the classical structure of a ballet class with the objective to focus on strengthening the dancers awareness of their own natural alignment and experience. The class is divided into two parts: the barre and the centre work . Exercises at the barre emphasise isolating the joints to find where the movement begins and to wake up the dancer's awareness to find their own functional alignment and efficiency . The second half of the class, conducted in the centre continually challenges the dancer to use the new found experiences when shifting weight , finding flow in transition, momentum and dynamics when executing the ballet vocabulary with the goal to find more freedom and expression .

Gabriel Schenker
- contemporary

Based on the work developed by the Brussels based company ZOO/Thomas Hauert as well as through my own practice, I will bring for this class a series of practices, tasks, and exercises, aimed at challenging symmetric coordination and habitual movement patterns.

Eva Schram
- theater

In an engaging workshop designed to stimulate both the intellectual and emotional faculties of students, participants will delve into various dimensions of theatre. The program aims to foster a holistic understanding and experience of theatrical elements, including but not limited to space, body dynamics, content exploration, language nuances, imaginative expression, and mastery of timing, embracing rhythm, deliberate pacing, and thoughtful arrangement of content.

Mokhallad Rasem
- theater

Class description will follow soon

Laura Aris - Play Full Body class
The class overviews some fundamental aspects of contemporary dance, such as weight transfer, use of space, breathing, speed, qualities and textures. Furthermore, we will look at the intentions behind the movement. Guided improvisations and specific technical exercises will be the work's starting point. Participants will play with their vocabulary within defined but changing contexts to experiment and observe specific bodily mechanisms and mental processes while dancing. Opening the doors of perception, we will search for those creative impulses that, once released, offer opportunities for new technical and performative achievements.
«As a teacher and an artist, I am committed to sharing thoughts, questions, tips, and accumulated experiences that inspire and encourage others - hopefully enhancing a collective intellectual curiosity. Through my years of teaching, I have learned to seek a balance between goals relating to technical mastery and the individual’s abilities to make their own choices, reflect deeply, discover anew, develop personae, and encounter imaginary universes. Teaching requires a dynamic interaction between what happens inside the teacher's mind and what happens with the group in the room. The act of teaching and my professional artistic practice have long been interconnected: they are in constant relationship and evolve together».

Femke Gyselinck
- Creative practice - cancelled

This workshop is an invitation to experiment with the idea of how a 'speaking' body can be a moving body and how we can translate rhetorical qualities into the body. How can musicality manifest itself in movements/gestures and how can we achieve various degrees of expressiveness in each individual body.
Specifically, the workshop consists of a first part where we will use simple improvisational exercises to warm up the body and focus on developing various qualities and dynamics to find an individual way of moving.
The second part of the workshop focuses on 'writing' movements. We will do this using one song where we will translate the lyrics of the song into movement.

Laura Maria Poletti - Repertoire Drumming
Drumming is based on the music of the minimalist composer Steve Reich. The piece is a complex formal construction using a single basic phrase which is transformed in many ways. In the workshop, I will teach some phrase material and we will explore some of the principles which were used to construct it. The students will then make their own transformations of the phrase following the ideas used during the creation. In this way, we will work with retrograde, phase shifts and partnering all starting from the same basic phrase but resulting in new and varied transformations.

Thomas Vantuycom - creative practice/impro workshop
Workshop Tools for composing dance to music with Thomas Vantuycom. In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of tools that we can use when dancing to music. Different pieces of music will act as models to draw inspiration from, and we’ll practise the ideas and principles we discover through improvised and written dances. Our attempts will hover between the intuition of dancing to a beat and the rigour of working with a score, all the while indulging in the potent power that music possesses; whether through its rhythm, its melody, or its lyrics. No prior musical training is needed.

Chloe Chignell - Pilates
'Deep Forms' is a movement and body training class. Starting with techniques and exercises from pilates, we blend dance and somatic practice. The class focuses on gaining greater articulation of the body through building specificity and clarity. We will build strength and find release as we work through particular muscle groups and joints with targeted exercises. We will work towards increasing our range of movement by physically understanding the shape of our joints. We focus on the initiation of movement through deeper muscle engagement.

Mattijs Van Damme

During the upcoming session, we aim to set up a deep listening practice and to trigger a profound feeling for graphic music notation which gains personal value and facilitates communication and understanding of diverse musical phenomena and experiences. We focus on works which nourish listeners and dancers, compositions which sharpen the ear and mind by such composers as Ph. de Vitry, J.S. Bach, Th. De Mey, A. Webern, G. Ligeti and others.

'Passing through' by David Zambrano ©Tine Declerck
'Passing through' by David Zambrano ©Tine Declerck

PROGRAM 2. Sat-Sun February 17-18, 2024:

Saturday 17/02 from 9:45 until 17:15:
9.00-9.45: registration
9:45-11:15: Yoga with Stéphane Bourhis (group A) OR contemporary with Cassandre Cantillon (group B)
11:30 -13:00: Contemporary with Cassandre Cantillon (group A) OR yoga with Stéphane Bourhis (group B)
13:00-14:00: lunch break with info-session on the BA and MA programs
15:15 - 17:15: Composition workshop with Marie Goudot (group A) OR Repertoire workshop Rosas Danst Rosas with Sueyeon Youn (group B)

Sunday 18/02 from 9:45 until 17:15:
9:45-11:15: Ballet with Douglas Becker (group A) OR contemporary with Michaël Pomero (group B)
11:30 -13:00: Contemporary with Michaël Pomero (group A) OR ballet with Douglas Becker (group B)
13:00-14:00: lunch break
15:15 - 17:15: Repertoire workshop Rosas Danst Rosas with Sueyeon Youn (group A) OR Composition workshop with Marie Goudot (group B)


Stéphane Bourhis - Yoga
The teaching of Yoga following the BKS Iyengar methodology is based in depth study and practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (art of breathing), with rigorously, intensity and precision of the body alignments.
During the class we gradually explore the outer and the inner geometry of the body in different groups of postures and movements.

Cassandre Cantillon - Contemporary
Through the class, the aim will be to create an internal and external environment for physical learning and exploration through play where new movement possibilities can arise and flourish.
We will dive into individual and collaborative improvisation tasks, movement puzzles, coordinations, mindfulness practices, set material as well as conditioning excercices. We will explore a series of tools and perspective which can be used to develop one’s movement vocabulary and training while interrogating our relationship to failure and learning.

Marie Goudot - Composition workshop
In the time provided, we will define together what composition means and can be in theory and practically. After choosing common principles of composition we will attend to create a collective composition based on movement improvisation, relationship between performers, time and space.

Douglas Becker - Ballet
Dance as a central activation of possibility. I propose ballet class as a collaborative setting where new information and knowledge about the moving body, in relationship to form and history, happen in the moment. Barre and center combinations are constructed to rigorously support the study of technique as studio practice, accentuating somatic awareness and attention to the multiple perspectives of dynamics alongside varied spatial concerns.
We will work on developing an agile relationship between the head, shoulders, arms and legs; considering ballet as art, as a system, and as "changeable architecture". Attention is given to interior mechanics driven by counterpoint. Throughout the class, extensive attentiveness to the musicality of the form gives insight into the various understandings of tempi and interacting rhythms. Combinations and phrase work change depending on both age and desire within the group.

Michaël Pomero - Contemporary
For this Winter workshops class, I would like to offer the participants a moment to explore -through a succession of set exercises and improvisations- some notions that I find crucial when it comes to technique: awareness, alignment, coordination, control, strength and dynamics.
I will also propose to collectively build a phrase that echoes these elements.

Sueyeon Youn - Repertoire workshop Rosas Danst Rosas
The workshop of Rosas Danst Rosas will teach you the phrase material and the structure of 1st and 2nd movement (which is on the floor or in the chair) where repetition plays the lead role.
Dancing with four people in a complex structure and to be in perfect unison are the challenges. Learning how to listen and breath together and how to feel each others energy.
The actual material lies in the heart of the movement work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Experience the contrast of rigid structure and full emotion that will give the intensity to the movements. How to let go and be in control at the same time.