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Just before the official start of the school year we organized a three day program BACK. CURRENT: a come together between the students, teachers and staff as a transitioning from the lockdown into the new school year. To reflect on what happened, focus on the present and look into the future.

Each day the students explored a different physical morning practice : Land Connection Practice especially developed for parks by Daniel Linehan & Michael Helland. Prayatt Intransit, developed by Rakeseh Sukesh, rooted in Indian martial arts and contemporary technique. And Deep listening, a workshop inspired by the composer Pauline Oliveros, guided by Myriam Van Imschoot. Next to Open Space Conversations - a space for questions and burning topics to work on collectively - and movie screenings, we composed and displayed a collective archive with materials and experiences accumulated during confinement. With The Espionage Kit, a collective performative score was developed: a secret, performative score with entries and exits and moments for observation. Initially developed by Mark Lorimer and Chrysa Parkinson, adapted to the current situation by Mark Lorimer, Michaël Pomero and Manon Santkin.