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Jason Respilieux BE

Jason Respilieux (born in Brussels, BE) studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Brussels, Codarts in Rotterdam and graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2014.
Jason has collaborated with and danced for several choreographers, including Salva Sanchis (Islands project, A Love Supreme), Ted Stoffer, Claire Croizé (Evol, Duet For Two String Trio), Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (A Love Supreme, The Six Brandenburg Concertos, The Dark Red Research Project) and Anneleen Keppens (Blue Moon Spring).
In 2022, he co-founds the organization ArTerre with the aim of supporting and promoting ecofeminist approaches and the development of agroecology in the Tarn (France).
Jason’s combined expertise as a dancer and a teacher opens up the perspectives of a varied choreographic research that is an equal reflection of his diverse parcours. His artistic practices situate themselves within this plurality. Finally, to unfold his choreographic vision and allow an enlarged expression of art forms, he advocates to create a suitable artistic format with each project.
Jason creates to multiply our perspectives and bring nuance. His work anchors itself in its immediate environment but seeks out of the ordinary experiences.

« As a teacher, I believe transmission is a form of participatory work, in the sense that transmitting is an act of reciprocal sharing of knowledge and invites us to activate receptivity. A receptivity that enables us to act. »