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Diane Madden US

Diane Madden enjoys a multi-faceted relationship to dance from the perspectives of performer, teacher, tutor, director, creative assistant, mentor and student.

Since 1980, Diane has danced, directed, taught, studied and reconstructed Trisha Brown’s work. Having originated many roles in Brown’s work she has received a New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award (1989), two awards from the Princess Grace Foundation (1986 and 1994) and was honored along with the original cast of Brown’s Set and Reset collaboration with Rauschenberg and Laurie Anderson by Movement Research, NYC (2012). Diane continues to serve the Trisha Brown Dance Company as Artistic Consultant.

Since 2019, when she relocated to Brussels to assist Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, she’s been fulfilled by the teaching, tutor and mentor positions she holds at P.A.R.T.S.

Diane’s own performance work in solo and collaborative improvisational forms was greatly impacted by her work in the 1980’s with the New York based performance ensemble “Channel Z”, investigating the spontaneous, focused and deeply physical movement states occurring in Contact Improvisation and developing its compositional potential addressing all aspects of theatre. In addition to “Channel Z” her major influences have been Brown, Paxton, her study of Aikido with Fuminori Onuma and the Fascia Therapy training she’s currently undertaking with Anja Röttgerkamp.