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This week is X-week, a week of artistic practice for the 1st year Training students!

During an X-Week, the normal operation modus of the school is suspended.
The invited artists can work a whole week with the students, in or outside school. The subject may be composition or improvisation, but also politics or visit museums and exhibitions. We ask the artists to unveil their way of approaching art towards the students.
For this week of artistic practice PARTS invited the artists Stina Nyberg & Zoë Poluch, Diederik Peeters and Ula Sickle.

Stina Nyberg & Zoë Poluch will work on storytelling. Starting from the little stories we tell each other, seemingly insignificant stories that have created who we are and how we feel ourselves, they aim to tell stories about the future, through moving, talking, reading and writing.

Diederik Peeters is also looking into the future. Through different techniques such as Futurology, Strategic Foresight, Speculative Design a.o., he explores the idea of possible futures and see how these perspectives can inform the way we act today.

Ula Sickle explores choreographic material that was developed for an exhibition. A set of five monologues is the starting point for individually choreographed solos, combining movement and spoken text, using everyday gestures and material sampled from the internet.

X-week February 2020