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PARTS@WORK#3 - Sunday March 26th, 3pm

We are very excited to invite you for the public performance PARTS@WORK#3 on Sunday March 26th, 2023 at 3pm.

PARTS@WORK#3 consists of several pieces - all personal work - both of the 1st year Bachelor Training students and of the 1st year STUDIOS students from the Master program.

Free entrance – no reservation is needed

There is a limited capacity, we advise you to come in time.
Doors open at 2h30pm - showing starts at 3pm sharp
End foreseen around 5pm (including a short break)
Venue: P.A.R.T.S. studio 2 - Avenue Van Volxem 164, 1190 Forest

We look forward to your visit!

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'Personal work’ / ⧖20’’ by Judith Dhondt and Urte Groblyte

/ ⧖10’’
The work that I will perform is an experimentation based on the possibilities of the movement of the hips. This idea came to me thanks to Ana Pi’s workshop. We worked a little bit on the movement of the hips but I wanted to experience more.
So, this is basically what you are going to see : A research.
Performed by Thaïmee Samut

‘notes of a young *boy’
/ ⧖5’’
Trigger Warning : darkness, psychological violence, self hatred, mention of genitals, gender disphoria
Idea and original text in French by Nicolas Dang
Translated in English by Hugo Bragg
Performed by Hugo Bragg and Nicolas Dang

‘Not alone’
/ ⧖15”
Started with a poem, the dances come and the images (video) is invited. Not alone is raised from the existence that generate questions of vulnerability living in this world. Should we leave/live?Performing: Patric Da Cunha, Elsa Goldstein and Thaïmee Samut


‘Pigeon Lake' / ⧖15’’
They call us rats that fly. They say we are vermin. We spread disease and squalor. They are correct.
Performed by Mashiro Tamura and Hugo Bragg

'Personal work'
/ ⧖12"
Performed by Laura Marariu, Thaïmee Samut, Patric Da Cunha, Marika Suzuki

/ ⧖20’’
Those who stood on the shore,
They glanced abroad.
Those who chose to leap,
They kissed the body water.
Those who performed the waves,
They denied the depth.
Those who floated in a dead zone,
They obeyed the current.
Those who crossed the ocean,
they drowned in their bodies.
Created and performed by Rania Barhoumi

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