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PARTS@WORK#3 - Sunday January 30th, 3pm

We are very excited to invite you for the public performance PARTS@WORK#3 on Sunday January 30th, 2022.

PARTS@WORK#3 consists of several pieces - all personal work - of the 3rd year students from the Bachelor program Training.

Free entrance – no reservation is needed but the capacity is limited - with CST.
Doors open at 14h30 - showing starts at 15h sharp (latecomers are not admitted)
End foreseen at 17h15 Duration: 2 hours (with a break of 15 minutes).

We look forward to your visit and would like to remind you that a valid Covid Safe Ticket is required to attend this performance. Anyone aged 16 years and older must present a valid Covid Safe Ticket in the form of a QR code (digital or printed) as well as a piece of identification.
Please take into account the extra CST control and arrive well on time.


Personal work by Urtė Groblytė, Jean Pierre Buré, Selby Jenkins
Personal work by Ching-Shu Huang

Pictures by Tine Declerck
PARTS@WORK is an informal showing open to the public, and consists of personal work of the students and results of workshops.

2021 11 04 Ching shu PARTS DECLERCK Tine HR2
2021 11 04 Ching shu PARTS DECLERCK Tine HR10 1