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PARTS@WORK#3 – Saturday 8/02, 15h (program 1) & 18h (program 2)

You are very welcome to join us for the public presentation of the theatre workshops of the 1st year Training students.

Free entrance – no reservation is needed.
Doors open at 14h45 (program 1) and 17h45 (program 2), the performances start at 15h and 18h sharp (latecomers are not admitted).
Each program consists of 2 pieces, 4 in total. There is a short break between the 2 programs. You are welcome to watch both of the programs !

Program 1 at 15h :
Group of Carly Wijs
Group of Thomas Ryckewaert
Program 2 at 18h :
Group of Eva Schram
Group of Scarlet Tummers

In January, the students of the Training cycle followed a 5-week theatre workshop. The main goal of this theatre workshop is not to turn dancers into actors, but to confront dancers with a performative situation in which their first medium is speech and not movement.
This year, they worked in 4 groups, directed by Thomas Ryckewaert, Eva Schram, Scarlet Tummers and Carly Wijs.
Texts by David Mamet, Harold Pinter and Aristophanes are used as a starting point.The outcome of the workshop is not a well-made play but a series of scenes, presented to the audience in an informal setting.Hope to see you there !

Image by Tine Declerck

Theatre workshop Thomas Ryckewaert Image by Tine Declerck