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PARTS@WORK#2 - public performance on Nov. 4th & Nov. 5th

We are very excited to invite you for the public performance PARTS@WORK#2 on Thursday November 4th, 2021 & Friday November 5th, 2021.

consists of repertoire work of Rosas (the 5th Brandenburger Concerto), repertoire work of the Trisha Brown Dance Company (Solo Olos en Rogues) and personal work. All performers are 3rd year students from the Bachelor program Training.

Free entrance – no reservation is needed but the capacity is limited - with CST.
Doors open at 18h30 - showing starts at 19h sharp (latecomers are not admitted)
End foreseen at 21h30 (on Thursday 4/11) and at 22h00 (on Friday 5/11),

We look forward to your visit and would like to remind you that a valid Covid Safe Ticket is required to attend this performance. Anyone aged 16 years and older must present a valid Covid Safe Ticket in the form of a QR code (digital or printed) as well as a piece of identification.
Please take into account the extra CST control and arrive well on time.


Repertoire Rosas: the 5th Brandenburg Concerto

In 2018, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker created her largest performance to date, around Bach's 6 Brandenburg Concertos. In this workshop, students worked on the choreography of the 5th Concerto, a quartet, led by Thomas Van Tuycom, Jason Respilieux and Cynthia Loemij, all of whom danced in the original performance. Each evening you will see two different casts exploring new connections between musical and choreographic composition.
Cast on Thursday Nov. 4th:
Abigail aleksander, Rania Barhoumi, Marita Schwanke, Helen D’Haenens, Niklas Capel, Zoé Lakhnati, Adema Ouhaibia
Cast on Friday Nov. 5th:
Urte Groblyte, Eleni Roberts, Jean Pierre Buré, Mate Jonjic, Daniel Cantero, Nina Godderis, Amine Mahzoud, Philomène Jander

Repertoire Trisha Brown: Solo Olos and Rogues

Solo Olos is a 1976 quintet by Trisha Brown in which the dancers compose and perform the choreography simultaneously based on impromptu instructions from one of them. Each evening you will see two casts at work. There are also two casts each of the 2011 duet 'Rogues'.
Cast on Thursday Nov. 4th and on Friday Nov. 5th:
Antoine Dupuy, Ariadna Navarrete Valverde, Jair Jezehu Montes Rangel, Lobke Leemans, Marllon Araújo, Per Anders Solli, Solal Mariotte

Personal work / Solo Luyd Carvalho

Each evening you will get to see students' own work.
On Thursday Nov. 4th Luyd Carvalho presents a solo he worked on for six weeks.
Coming out from an investigation into six different performative tasks proposed by Adem Ouhaibia, Antoine Dupuy, Katja Haarla, Laetitia Dupertuis, Magdelaine Hodebourg, Selby Jenkins, and supported by Cecily Lewelling, Prism is a collective solo that explores the possible new outcomes and fusions in the interstices between performative worlds that refract into a landscape of diverse possibilities.
Mentors and Coach: Kristof Van Baarle and Manon Santkin

Personal work / Solo Magdelaine Hodebourg

Each evening you will get to see students' own work.
On Friday Nov. 5th Magdelaine Hodebourg presents a solo she worked on for six weeks.
“I used to think that my rage was my fuel”
« I used to think that my rage was my fuel » is a solo emerging from a 6 weeks period research on « How to craft a narrative ». Using the book Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, music, poems, lived experiences and imaginary ; I explore what inspiration means to me and others. The final performance was not a goal in itself but a consequence of the research.
Mentor: Femke Gyselinck

Published on 29/10/2021
Rosas Repertoire A Love Supreme - Picture by Tine Declerck

20210610 Love Supreme 3 Tine DECLERCK LR15