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No more classes in PARTS this academic year, due to corona crisis

The school management has decided to suspend all classes until the end of the academic year. The safety of students and teachers cannot be guaranteed as social distancing is in many cases not an option for a dance school. Moreover, our studios are not big enough to work with groups of 20 students, while a permanent distance of 1.5 meters should be kept between all dancers.

The online classes for the students will continue until the end of June. Many PARTS teachers have made great efforts to adapt their teaching practice to online teaching, including technique teachers for ballet and contemporary dance.
The majority of the students of the Training Cycle have now returned to their home country.

The programme of the second cycle STUDIOS, on the other hand, will be resumed on 18 May.
Also for these 14 students, the dance classes will remain suspended until the end of June. But the main part of their program for this trimester consists of 'Self directed research'.
This research is usually individual, sometimes in very small constellations, where the rules of social distancing can be respected. Subject to very strict safety procedures, this work can be resumed until the end of the academic year.

On 1 September, the normal programmes for Training (2nd year) and STUDIOS (2nd year) will restart.

A newly started Working Group, in which management, staff, teachers and students consult together, is currently reviewing the programme for the academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22, with the aim of integrating the lessons and workshops that had to be cancelled these months.