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Dance Day - the 6th edition on Saturday 24 april 2021

"This is not a form of resistance unless you dance, make a risky move to stand a chance".

Using the song "The World As It M$$$F Is" and its quote from John the Houseband as a starting point we will venture out into the city of Brussels for two days. Finding a way on how we as dancers can relate to the state of the present world. On the first day we will visit several nursing homes in Forest transforming their daily view on the outside world into spectacle. The next day will be an invasion of 35 dancers moving through brussels, always on the move, with colourful costumes, filling the public space with derailed corona-proof activities aspiring to create a brief sense of liberty. During the week, they will also be working on a video performance outdoors, you can find all the videos here.

The visit to the nursing homes on Friday is not for the public.

The interventions on Saturday in the centre of Brussels are planned in the afternoon. There is no schedule or map, it will be a lucky encounter if you meet the PARTS dancers!

Concept: Benjamin Vandewalle
Performers: students of the PARTS Training cycle

More info about the program of Dance Day can be found here