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Saturday April 23, 2022 - Dance Day - a celebration of dance

This Saturday is the 7th edition of "Dag van de Dans".
P.A.R.T.S. is also back in the game with “Derailed”, a collaboration with Benjamin Vandewalle performed by the 3rd year bachelor Training students.

Between 14h and 17h the dancers of PARTS will mingle with the passers-by at the Europakruispunt, the square in front of Brussels Central Station.

Day in, day out people move through the city, on their way from point A to point B, often a routine movement between two fixed points such as home, workplace, store, school....
With his work Benjamin Vandewalle wants to intervene in this daily 'choreographic routine'. Small groups of performers and a musician intervene in these daily routines...just for a moment, when you least expect it....

Concept: Benjamin Vandewalle
Performers: the students of the PARTS bachelor Training program
Abigail Aleksander, Adem Ouhaibia, Amine Mazhoud, Antoine Dupuy, Ariadna Navarrete Valverde, Birit Haarla, Cecily Lewelling, Charlotte Cétaire, Ching-Shu Huang, Daniel Cantero, Eleni Roberts, Elsa Tagawa, Helen D'Haenens, Jair Jetzehu Montes Rangel, Jean Pierre Buré, Katja Haarla, Laetitia Dupertuis, Lobke Leemans, Luyd De Souza Carvalho, Macarena Bielski López, Magdelaine Hodebourg, Marita Sinikka Schwanke, Marlla Araújo, Mate Jonjić, Niklas Capel, Nina Godderis, Per Anders Solli, Philomene Jander, Rania Barhoumi, Renátó Miskolczi, Selby Jenkins, Solal Mariotte, Urtė Groblytė, Vladimir Babinchuk Outerelo, Zoé Lakhnati.
Coproductie: Europalia Trains & Tracks

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